Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Love My Wife

Recently, my wife revealed that if it were possible, she would get me a MINI. We both understand that currently, a new car is not in our budget, but she knows how much I want one, and would be willing to get me a MINI if she had the means.

But not just any MINI. She would not try to find one in the area and purchase it to surprise me. Although, I would greatly appreciate it, she would much rather know exactly what I want in a MINI and get it. Every option right down to the cloth seats (which have now become extinct). She loves me well, indeed!

So what options would I want? My current desire is to get a Hyper Blue Cooper S. Let me just jump over to the Configurator at MINI USA and put together my dream MINI. Well... the white roof is a must have; although the new silver roof might look quite nice, but white it is. LSD on a Cooper S is an absolute as well. I would also throw in the front and rear foglights, dual-pane sunroof, and onboard computer. For pure asthetics, I would want the Lapis Blue leather interior and Hyper blue interior surface panels so that the inside of the car would match the outside. Last, but not least, would be the 16" R90 wheels. I'd love to get the 17", but the price differential is insane.

That gives a grand total of $25,971... ouch. Now I am reminded why I want to get a used MINI.
By the time I'm in the market for a MINI, this car should be sub 18k... hopefully.

I love my wife. :)

Happy Motoring.