Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Yellow MINI?!?!

I may end up with a yellow MINI... specifically Mellow Yellow, one of the colors available on the redesigned 2007 MINI. I wouldn't have thought that I would want a yellow car, it is definitely not one of my favorite colors, but after seeing it in person, it is quite desirable.

My list of color choices on my future MINI is pretty short - Laser Blue, which has been presented multiple times in this blog; Chili Red, the classic MINI color; Pepper White, classic in its simplicity; and now Mellow Yellow. I've always wanted my MINI to stand out in a parking lot, just like my now dead Intense Blue Neon would. It was easy to spot in a lot, because I would only have to find the brilliant blue pearl amongst the sea of silver.

Mellow Yellow fits the requirement for parking lot boldness. I especially like how the color looks with the black roof and bonnet stripes. Those black body accents in addition to the grill and wheel arches make the MINI look like an angry bumblebee or a taxi in disguise. The '07 MINI Cooper S I tested was Mellow Yellow, and I could definitely motor around wrapped in a sunny disposition.

Laser Blue is still my number one color choice, but Mellow Yellow is slowly creeping past Chili Red for second. As always, Pepper White is lurking in fourth place waiting for me to go for a more subtle appearance.