Saturday, March 01, 2008

Are Your Wheels Dirty?

Often when I'm driving down the road, I see cars with absolutely filthy front wheels. Sometimes, the car will even be relatively clean, but the wheels are blackened with brake dust. I know that not everyone sees their car as an extension of who they are, but you can learn a lot about a person from the condition of their car.

If you peek in my Saturn, you will see a few fast food bags and cups, some books in the back seat, as well as a Cars booster seat. I live a life on the go and don't have much time to clean up the mess. I try, though. :)

The Saturn isn't really my car. When the Neon died, I inherited it since we got the minivan for my wife, and I've never really gotten attached to the Saturn. It is living on borrowed time until I can sell it and finally get my MINI. Don't expect to see trash in the MINI.

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